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SicBo Guy are here to learn you the basics about Sic Bo and Sic Bo Strategy. Sic bo basics are fun and easy to learn. Sic Bo is game that originated in China and was brought to the country by Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century. Although Sic bo basics are easy enough to learn, the intricacies are part of the lure and mystique of the game. Sic Bo is already popular throughout most of Asia, particularly Macau and the Philippines (where it is called hi-lo), and Australia, and is rapidly gaining in popularity in the gambling hotspots, like Las Vegas, in North America.

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Sic bo basics include the use of a table, specially designed for the game, and three dice. The point of the game is to pick the three numbers that will appear on the dice after they are thrown. The various combinations that will win are listed on the table, sort of like in roulette, where you place your money on a number on the table. Traditionally, the dice were to be shaken in a small pot or container and then thrown, but in North American casinos, the dealer simply throws the dice without the aid of a bowl or container.

Sic Bo Table
Sic Bo Table

Just like in roulette, where you can bet a wide variety of different ways, there are also several different ways you can bet in sic bo. Any good overview of sic bo basics at the casinos should include specifics on house procedure and pay-outs. However, there are a few general guidelines. Of course, you can bet that a specific combination of numbers will appear on the three dice. If you bet correctly, your pay-out could be as high as 180-1. However, it is more common, and you are more likely to win, if you bet on the totals. You can bet that the sum of the numbers on the dice thrown will be big (11-17), Small (4-10), or you can also bet on specific totals for the three number. For example, you can bet that the total of the numbers on the dice thrown will be 12. It doesn’t matter in what combination those numbers come up in, as long as they equal 12. You can also place bets on the outcome of the throw on any of the dice. For example, you could bet that one of the dice will be 4. You can also bet on two of the dice, for example, you can bet that there will be a 4 and a 3.

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